Appointments not necessary so call in and experience a haircut with a difference
At Mario's of London Men's Hairstylist we provide a range of services for the man of today.
Haircuts:  Whether it?s a trim or a total new look, we will advise and provide you with the hair cut that suits you and your lifestyle.
Shampoo & Head Massage:  A relaxing head massage which includes a shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type.  Softens your hair to aid in the perfect haircut.
Beard trim: We can trim or shape your beard to what ever style you like whether its a full beard or goatee, long or short.


Traditional Shave:  First a hot towel to soften the beard and remove any skin oils.  Then a shave using a tradtional cut throat razor.  Finally a face massage using a mens face moisturizer to leave the skin hydrated and soft.
Streaks & Tips:  A great way of lightening the hair for some of today modern looks.  Looks natural without re-growth issues.
Hair Colouring:  Whether its for covering grey hair or just a change, we can provide you with an expert consultation.  We use only professional quality colours.

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